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Title: Children, Obey Your Parents

TitleSuffer The Children to Come

Title: Let Your Light So Shine
Children, At those times when you are feeling sad, lonely, and as if no one seem to care what you are dealing with, know that God is listening, and He will be there for you. When Ishmael was going through his wilderness experience after being left out in the desert with his mom, Hagar to make it on their own, He cried out to God. An angel appeared to Hagar and told her, that God heard the cry of the lad, meaning Ishmael. If God Heard him in his distress, He will hear you also. Prayer works.
When Jesus was twelve years of age, He traveled with Mary & Joseph up to Jerusalem for their normal feast of worship. Well, when the revival was all over, Mary & Joseph went back home, but Jesus stayed behind without his parents realizing he was not with them. So back to Jerusalem they went, and it took them three days to find Jesus in the temple sitting among doctors, hearing and asking them questions. When Mary questioned him why did he make them fret over his whereabouts, He told them he had to do his Father's (God) business. But guess what, He
became subject or obedient to them, and went back with them. If Jesus had to obey his parents, don't you think, You should too? 
St. Luke 2:42-51
Genesis 21:14-20.
Luke 18:16
As Jesus was passing through Jerusalem, healing and giving out life lessons (known as Parables) people came from far and near to hear and just to get close to him. Some even bought infants, just so Jesus can touch or lay hands on them. Well, the disciples thought that was a no, no. Jesus stopped them in their tracks and said,"Suffer the little children to come unto him, and forbide them not for such is the Kingdom of God".  Jesus gave his life for all and he don't want anyone hurting, especially the children.

Matthew 5:14-16

Children, You are to let your light so shine that others may see the Jesus in You. Be nice and polite, and do not say or do anything that will not reflect the light of Jesus.  We are to be his shining example which will draw even more into the Kingdom. Even as young as you may be, Your beam of light can be just as strong  for use in God's kingdom. Don't hide your light; Shine bright for Jesus!
Jesus wants us to be kind to one another, and especially to our own brothers and sisters. He is not happy when we fuss and fight with each other and do things which makes the other person sad.  Esau and Jacob were twin brothers who struggled from birth to get along with one another. When their mom Rebekah was about to bring them forth, Jacob reached out his hand and grabbed hold of Esau's heel, to let him know, "I’ll be right behind you". They were different as night and day as one enjoyed the out-door life, while the other was content to just stay at home hanging around his mom. Although their parents loved them, favoritism lived in the midst of them. Esau was favored  by Isaac their father, while Jacob was pampered by his mother, Rebekah. When one child is favored over another, beware for trouble is sure to arise. There came a time when their dad was weak and of old age, felt in his heart he needed to bless the eldest son as the inheritor to receive the blessing. Sad to say, Rebekah his wife over-heard the instructions that were given to Esau, and through deception Jacob received what should have went to Esau. Now we have a family who had to deal with jealousy, anger, and deception which led to separation in the family. That is not how God wants to live. He wants us to have love, kindness and compassion for one another. We have to treat each other with respect and learn that sharing is caring, in God’s eyes. 
Genesis 25:20-34 & Chapter 27

Title:  Are You Kind To One Another
Raise your hands if you ever made a mistake; Raise both hands if you made that same mistake again. Jesus knows we are human and we will have to say oops more than once. In our heart, we want to do what is right, but every now and than, something in us makes us go the opposite way. When Jesus chose the twelve disciples, he knew their strong points as well as their weak points; but guess what, he loved them just the same. He knew Mark would one day get cold feet and leave Paul and Barnabas in a time of crisis; He knew that Judas was a thief and would also sell him out for thirty pieces of silver. He knew Peter was quick tempered and would constantly have to be told to calm down, and would some day even deny he walked with Jesus; Jesus even knew that John, the beloved disciple would be among the other disciples who abandoned him, after his betrayal by Judas. (Yet through it all, Jesus loved them all. Everyone one of them, with the exception of Judas got the opportunity to redeem themselves. Jesus entrusted his own mother, Mary to the care of John, the beloved disciple right before he gave his life for us on the cross; Mark became of great value to the apostle Paul on the mission field; Peter became one of the greatest disciple leaders and miracle workers around; With loving kindness, Jesus restored Peter and John back into the fold, holding no grudges. Sometimes we make mistakes; Sometimes we will get cold feet about doing stuff, but do not fret about it; Get back up and know that you can go at it again. Jesus loves you. Matthew 26:14-35,75  and  Acts 13:13 & 15:38

Title: Don't Give Up Because Of A Wrong Turn
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When King David was just a lad at the age of seven-teen, he had an encounter with a giant of a bully by the name of Goliath. He would use his size and the roaring of his voice to control everyone he met, so anytime he came around everyone else would run away and hide out until he leave their area. David was not to be bullied, so he challenged Goliath the giant to a match. Of course Goliath thought it was some sort of joke, for he told David what he was going to do to him. David was not put off by what he said, and told Goliath, that the God that he serve, will deliver him into his hands. David did not take credit for what was about to happen.  While Goliath had a big old sword to fight with, all David had was five smooth stones and his sling shot. He also had the one main thing, Goliath had not counted on-He had God on his side. So when David ran toward Goliath, he knew the battle was not his, but God’s. He used only one smooth stones to bring down Goliath, the giant. Many times in our lives we run up on bullies who want to rule us and keep us afraid. Follow the example of David, by putting God first, and watch how God will show you how to take down the bully in your life. Be not afraid, Trust God to lead and Guide you. 
1Sameul 17:1-51
Title: God Helps Us tackle Bullies
Title: No Means No!
 Have you ever rushed out of the house hoping you would be able to catch the bus, and not be late again for school and have to face your mom or dad. So you run the two blocks down to the bus stop, praying the bus driver would be running behind schedule. Yet favor was not with you, for the bus had pulled off, and did not stop even when you attempted to chase after it. So you debate if you should go back home and face the music, or just wait for the next bus, which would arrive in about 15 minutes. Suppose while you are standing there, a car pulls up with an older guy behind the wheel, stating he saw you missed the bus, but he would gladly drop you off. Your reply should be  "thanks but no thanks".  Stick to your guns even if the person insists he know your parents, for a stranger you shall not follow.       Look around your surroundings and when you spot a neighbor yell out or run toward them. Nine times out of ten, that will cause the person in the care to drive off. Our no must means no.  We must take a stand like Nehemiah who told his enemies, he was busy doing a work for the Lord, and he cannot come down off the wall. Nehemiah’s enemies tried to lure him with all types of things, even telling him there was a meeting they needed him to attend. He knew it was a trick to get him to stop building the wall. We must also hold fast to our wall of “No”, and hold firm. Do not let yourself be lured away by goodies or allow someone to give you things you know is not good for you. Just say no, and mean it. If you feel pressure, find a trusted adult and stick firm to your no.
Nehemiah 6:1-9
Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you’ve got, and be determined.  1 Corinthians 16:13
This day will the Lord deliver you into 
my hands.. 1Samuel 17:46
Jesus said, “Come to Me, Get away with me and you’ll recover your life; I’ll show you how to take a real rest“. 
Matthew 11:28 (the message version)

As we are chosen by God for this new life of love, we need to dress in the wardrobe God picked out for us: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, & discipline.
Colossian 3:12
Title:I Am Wonderfully Made
God made us all special. Some talk fast and some talk slow; there are even some who do not talk at all. There are some who learn fast, while others catch on in a whole different manner. Some were born blind, or have to wear glasses, while others have very good vision; Some had a better start in life, while others had to deal with physical or health issues. Guess what, God still loves them all. Back in the bible days, when Pharaoh wanted to do away with all the male babies, Moses mom saw there was something special about him, so to spare his life, she hid him until he was three months old. Then she put him into a basket type boat and set him afloat in the river Nile, and had his little sister watch to see what would happen. God do have a sense of humor, as Pharaoh’s daughter found and raised him up as her son. As Moses got older, he began to notice and see things he felt was not fair, and in the end, he found himself having to leave town just to save his own life. Well on his wilderness journey, God caught up with Moses and told him, the time has now come for him to come work for him. Moses gave God excuses that he had a stuttering problem and could not speak well. God told him, he is the one who made the human mouth, even those who are deaf, dumb, and cannot speak. He was letting Moses know, he is well aware of what he calls his limitations, But he will be with him, to show him the way. God can and will use whomsoever he will to reach his people. God knows what he placed inside all of us, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made by him.  Exodus 3:1-13 & 4:1-17

I will Praise you for I am Fearfully and  Wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14